“It wasn’t a dream, but like most solutions, it came to me in the dead of night”.

Working in a variety of materials (steel, aluminium, bronze, exotic hardwoods, plastics) I'm equally at home with precision welding and machining to carving, sculpting and patination techniques.

I take on commissions for bespoke products and prototyping from my workshop based in Stratford, East London, UK.

Commissions are one-off objects for individual clients whereby the design and price are pre-arranged. Prototyping is a different concept all-together. It can be a long and uncertain process, where my lateral thinking skills help you test-drive your ideas to get to a satisfactory point in your design.

Eager to take your project further?

Just give me a ring at 0773 8546 738. If writing is better, go to my About page for details and I'll reply after I finished eating, which can take up to 24 hrs.

In the meantime you might want to sit back and watch a few made by rofa projects: gif-animation loop, 39 slides, no sound.