made by rofa is the label of engineer and designer Rob Fawcett.

They dismantled and reassembled clocks, bikes, engines. They drew and painted. They shaped metal, wood and plastic into useful objects. They fixed things.

We have a good relationship, my hands and I. They have always been tinkering hands. They are very empowering tools which have given me much joy. They are wired to that part of me where curiosity and indulgence jostle for position - to solve and satisfy.

Objects and small things

There’s no mass production, rather a small series of witty products. Everything I make is limited edition, with not just primary function but also intriguing narrative. I do not believe in an endless replacement cycle. It's exciting to know that kitchen units built fifteen years ago are still looking as good today :)

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Skills and services

Working in a variety of materials (steel, aluminium, bronze, exotic hardwoods, plastics) I'm equally at home with precision welding and machining to carving, sculpting and patination techniques. 

I take on commissions for bespoke products and prototyping from my workshop based in Stratford, East London, UK.

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You can reach me weekdays between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m.
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T: 0773 8546 738

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44 Forest Lane, Stratford, London E151HA

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